The Tawazun Economic Program, which is overseen by Tawazun Economic Council, partners with foreign and local defense contractors, brings investments and latest technologies into UAE, generates knowledge based jobs for UAE nationals and creates business opportunities for UAE SMEs and large companies.

The Program continues to evolve. At its origin, it was purely for counter-trade and diversification into non-oil sectors. Over the two plus decades, The Program has shifted focus on building exportable industrial sectors and playing in global supply chains. We continue to innovate the Program guidelines (in 2010/11 and most recently in 2015).

We continue to build and strengthen our relationships with our stakeholders i.e. the government, foreign defense contractors and UAE private sector companies. Our dedicated relationship managers work closely with foreign and local defense contractors to explain program requirements and provide support in fulfilling the stages of the Program. Our Defense Contractor Council (DCC) facilitates discussions on future of Industrial Participation, communicates Program updates and catalyzes new partnerships.

The National Defense Contractor Council (NDCC) brings forward capable UAE companies by informing, encouraging and supporting them to participate in The Program. We follow a well-coordinated process with GHQ/PGC to approve defense contractors’ supply contracts, such that contractors’ performance in Tawazun Economic Program becomes a critical factor in their future selection with GHQ/PGC. Since 1992 The Program has delivered over 65 projects benefiting all stakeholders.

We encourage defense contractors to see Tawazun Economic Program as an opportunity, not as an obligation. UAE is a fast emerging economy, ranked highly in ease of doing business, and provides excellent infrastructure for industrial companies. Tawazun Economic Program has resulted in some of the largest defense companies in the region. By participating in the Program, international companies have benefited commercially, built new capabilities and gained access to regional customers.

I invite you to explore The Program for all the requirements and opportunities it offers.

Matar Al Romaithi, Chief Officer – Industrial Development Unit

Head of Tawazun Economic Program