The Tawazun Economic Committee was established to act as a liaison between Tawazun Economic Council and the UAE Armed Forces General Headquarters (GHQ) to study common issues and develop appropriate recommendations toward enhancing the working mechanism between both parties.


The Committee is composed of six members who represent the GHQ, PGC and Tawazun Economic Council. GHQ and PGC members include the Chief of Logistics Staff, Director of Purchasing Department, and Director of Contracts & Finance of PGC, whereas Tawazun Economic Council members are the Council’s Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Officer – Industrial Development Unit, and the Senior Manager of Government Affairs.


To enhance and strengthen the relationships between GHQ and Tawazun Economic Council
To review and/or develop focused plans to create a favorable economic impact
To effectively manage defense contractors’ performance
To review GHQ’s procurement processes and purchase projections