The Defense Contractors Council was created to generate an ongoing open dialogue among defense contractors and Tawazun Economic Council. It provides a forum to share views, highlight ways for improvement and strengthen overall transparency among the Council and its members.

The Council has open lines of communication with defense contractors and welcomes their feedback to ensure that they are actively engaged throughout. This enables Tawazun Economic Council to continuously review and upgrade its policies to serve its mandate, and supports the contractors in being able to seamlessly fulfill their obligations.


The Council’s membership is comprised of representatives from Tawazun Economic Council, companies with supply contracts to the UAE Armed Forces and any third party that Tawazun Economic Council views as a valuable contributor to the Council’s objectives.


To serve as an open platform to further enhance communications with defense contractors and Tawazun Economic Council
To enable clear understanding of the Tawazun Economic Program requirements in the UAE
To facilitate networking among potential local partners and defense contractors
To create opportunities for partnerships
To exchange potential project ideas
To highlight and monitor the performance of projects implemented under the Program